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Vinay NP

  • Distributed Systems Design
  • Micro Service Architectures
  • Data Pipelines
  • Warehousing & Archiving
  • Data Modeling
  • Big Data & NoSQL
  • Enterprise Data Platforms
  • ML Platform Development
  • APIs & Web Backends
  • Python, JavaScript
  • Ecommerce
  • Omni Channel Retail
  • US Pharmacy
  • Sales/Marketing Analytics
  • Real Estate
Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science
2010 | VTU, India
English | Spanish

A highly motivated engineer with demonstrated technical & leadership capabilities. Passionate about building high performing engineering teams and inspiring them to bring ideas to life in the form of simple yet effective products.

Having built and led teams both big and small, at my own startups as well as at enterprise companies, have realized that a small group of motivated people can affect big change.

Experienced in building large scale distributed systems, data centric products and data driven strategies. In the recent past I have also designed & built horizontally scalable BI tools, personalization frameworks, data pipelines and backends of high traffic web products/APIs.

Senior Engineering Manager - Walmart Labs
December 2018 - Present   |   Bangalore, India

Joined the Health and Wellness group after the acqui-hire event of my startup. Currently lead the Walmart pharmacy merchant experience domain and directly manage about 23 engineers.

  • Built and led the team developing a suite of intelligent decision support tools to help reduce COGS. Surpassed the costs savings goal set for 2020.
  • Built and led the team responsible for core serialization solution to satisfy the compliance requirements as per the US FDA DSCSA act. Put the product in production well within the compliance deadline and under budget.
  • Built the initial team and contributed significantly in shaping the roadmap for modernization of pricing platform and processes.
  • Built a cross functional team of data scientists/analysts and engineers who could take a business objective from idea to PoC to production without dependencies.
  • Owned over 10 high impact production deployments, established lean project management practices and have been the megaphone for ownership culture within the org by collaborating closely with business stakeholders, product managers, principal engineers and the architects group.
Co Founder & CTO -
January 2016 - December 2018   |   Santiago, Chile

At we were building a full-stack enterprise data platform with intelligent interfaces delivered via SaaS model enabling customers to realize key business insights, quickly.

Started out with a vision to become every business executive's personal analyst. Conceived the architecture/design for the v1 of the product and developed the initial prototype including the virtual analyst bot.

Our team of 3 was acquired by Walmart Labs India, in it's second such event in the country. News article at The Economic Times.

Engineering Manager - Practo
May 2015 - September 2015   |   Bangalore, India

Joined Practo just when it was on the cusp of explosive growth on the back of it's first ATL ad campaign.

  • Led 4 scrum teams working on Practo search and was part of the interview panel for engineers, product managers and campus placements.
  • Conceived new architecture for an internal data tool and automated a lot of manual work which reduced the new segment launch time from a few weeks to a couple of days.
  • Initiated the move to service based architecture from monolith code base, which was very fragile, by conceiving several platform as a service projects like search as a service, audit as a service & single source of truth.
Engineering Manager - Flipkart
October 2014 - April 2015   |   Bangalore, India

Joined Flipkart seller platform group as one of the youngest engineering managers and witnessed the growth from a few thousand sellers to tens of thousands of sellers and it's effect on the platforms.

  • Led the team developing ML platform for business cases like fake product/listing detection, auto quality check etc. v1 of the platform was delivered on time and under budget.
  • Influenced major design decisions by working very closely with senior engineers & platform architects.
  • Was actively involved in interviewing engineers and product managers across the org.
Tech Lead - CommonFloor
September 2012 - October 2014   |   Bangalore, India

Joined CommonFloor when they were still working out of an incubator and have witnessed explosive growth in traffic as well as team size. This experience at CommonFloor has shaped my entire career.

  • Built and led several engineering teams responsible for the delivery of agent directory, leads management & ad publishing in the real estate vertical.
  • Initiated several successful processes like bug bash & kanban for development. The team successfully squashed 120+ bugs during the first bug bash.
  • Coordinated, planned & completed over 20 high impact, production deployments apart from several small releases & hot fixes.
Co Founder & CTO - V Solutions
March 2009 - September 2012   |   Bangalore, India

This was my first startup. Started this while still in college and gained a lot of recognition as a student entrepreneur in both offline and online media.

Single handedly built a location based consumer product which scaled to 42K+ users in a span of 3 months. This was my first introduction to handling scale. Written about this experience in detail.

Worked with over 500 businesses on their software design needs. Built sites, CRMs, content management systems, managed servers, domains etc.